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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team consists of talented and experienced individuals who dedicate their time on giving back to the community. Our staff have a passion for helping people overcome life's disparities. Director Paul and his personable, professional staff are here to assist and make every experience comfortable and stress-free.

Paul Thao

Executive Director

Paul is the current Executive Director of Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. Paul has over 25 years of experience working with the Southeast Asian community and began working for MLFC in the early 1990s. Paul is a polyglot, he is fluent in Hmong, Lao, Thai, Mien and English. 

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Maly Thao

SEACAP: Peer Support Coordinator/Office Manager

Maly is the Secretary and Women peer support group coordinator. Maly has over 20 years of experience working with the Southeast Asian community and began working with Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. in the early 2000s.

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Dr. Ko Fang

Clinical Psychologist

Ko is Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Ko Fang is a Sacramento native and provides consultation, rehabilitation, case management and individual and group therapy.

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Jenny Vang

SEACAP Secretary

Jenny is the Southeast Asian Consumer Advocacy Program Secretary. Jenny serves all clients that are related to mental health and schedules appointment. Jenny has many years of experience working with the Southeast Asian Community through her prior work experience.

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Kai Moua

 Case Manager

Kai is the Case Manager, who oversees the day-to-day general service clients. Kai formally worked in accounting and is trilingual. He speaks Lao, Hmong, and English. 


Keng Chang


Keng has been with Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. For over 7 years. Keng is responsible for handling all data entry and financial data that pertains to Merced Lao Family.

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Ye Thao

SEACAP Case Manager

. Ye is the SEACAP Manager who handles the case management clients that relate to mental health. Ye attained his Bachelor of Science from the University of Devry.

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Cristina Vang

PEI Cultural Broker

Cristina is the coordinator for the prevention & early intervention program (PEI). She provides education and knowledge about mental health. Cristina attained her BS from California State University, Stanislaus.


I-rin Satchacharoenwong

Integrated Primary Care Case Manager

I-rin is the Integrated Primary Care Case Manager for Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. I-rin primary task combines medical and behavioral health services to more fully address the spectrum of problems that patients bring to the primary medical care.

Irin New Photo_edited.png

Lucy Lee

CRDP Project Coordinator

Lucy coordinates the California Reducing Disparities Project. Her job consists of identifying a focus group and implementing strategies and practices in order to reduce mental health disparities. She is a graduate of Merced College.


Gao Chang

Police Community Aid

Gao is the Police Community Aid at Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. Gao acts as a bridge between the Southeast Asian community and Merced Police Department. Gao also translate at city council meetings. He has prior work experience with the city police department and has over 20 years of experience working with the Southeast Asian community. 

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Kevin Lor

Stop The Hate

Kevin is the Community Safety Aid for Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. He brings awareness & helps reduce the stigma left behind from COVID-19 against the Asian community. Kevin studied Finance and Human Resource Management & is a graduate from California State University Stanislaus.

kevin new_edited_edited.jpg

Kongpheng Thao

COVID-19 Mitigation Coordinator

Kongpheng is the COVID-19 Mitigation Coordinator. His primary task is to educate and teach the community about the aftermath of COVID-19. Currently, he is still offering COVID-19 test and workshops that include healthcare professionals. KP is currently a student at UC Merced.

Kongpheng Thao_edited.jpg

Kang Xiong

Youth Coordinator

Kang is the Youth Program Coordinator. Kang brings a vast knowledge of expertise to the youth. She holds monthly meetings about topics related to financial literacy to mental health. Kang obtained her BS at CSU Stanislaus.

Kang X_edited_edited.jpg


Youth Counselor

 is the Youth Counselor, her task includes reaching out to the Youth one-on-one and hosting monthly meetings. Establishing a SEA youth Prescence in the city of Merced.  is formally a nurse and a graduate of University of Bangkok.

Chue wang_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Emily Moua

Stop The Hate 

Emily is an STH staff member; she handles individual case management that relate to hate crimes and hate incidents. She also provides educational presentations to local high schools, and community partners. Emily holds her Bachelor of Arts from CSU Stanislaus.

Emily Moua_edited.jpg

Chue Wang Xiong

Peer Support Coordinator

Chue is the Men Peer Support group coordinator. Chue Wang Xiong has over 20 years of experience working with the Southeast Asian community and has been a Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. staff since his time in the early 2000s. 

Chue wang_edited_edited.jpg

Fong Chang


Fong is a longtime staff member at Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. having been with the organization for over five years. Prior to Fong's employment he volunteered and has always had a strong work ethic and continues to set an example for others.


Lee Vang

HEAR US: Project Coordinator

Lee is the project coordinator for the HEAR US program; Lee oversees activities for peer support services and is responsible for creating a culturally tailored program for the Southeast Asian elders.

Lee Vang_edited.jpg

Jonathan Chang

MLFC Staff

Jonathan is the Peer Support Specialist, Jonathan is a well-known community member and has experience working with men and woman before. His goal is to build a culturally tailored peer support for the SEA community of Merced.


Jessica Thao

HEAR US: Peer Support Specialist

Jessica is the Peer Support Specialist; her roles include hosting peer support groups. Jessica will implement a culturally tailored support plan for the SEA community and plan weekly activities for the group.

Jessica Photo_edited.jpg

Chayeng Lee

Work Experience Trainee

Chayeng is a trainee working through Worknet on a 6-month work experience program. Chayeng has prior experience working as a Sound Engineer.

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